EDUCATION LEGACY FUND is honored to join with a very respectful industry in congratulating Susan S. Szenasy on her new role as Director of Design Innovation at METROPOLIS and for being honored with the Director’s Award at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards, the ASID Design for Humanity Award and for being made an Honorary Fellow of the ASID.  CONGRATULATIONS, Susan!  We are humbled by your many accomplishments and invigorated by your plans for a future in which we all aspire to participate!                                       





The Elf scholarship was one of my major stepping stones towards believing in myself. Winning it helped me believe in my ability to design space and create an excitement. It was a motivation for achieving better for myself. I continued to win other major scholarships such as The Donghia award. My path was opened because someone saw my potential. And for that I will forever be grateful. John Sanchez, New York Institute of Technology.



Being awarded with the ELF scholarship in my freshman year at NYIT was one of my earliest accomplishments and one I value. This recognition from my Professors, College and ELF members helped motivate me towards a path of creating and designing excellence. My ambition was fueled and my passion continued, which later lead me to win first place in The Decorators Club Scholarship, while in my junior year. School is the pathway to the future I wish to create through design. The ELF foundation was the first to invest in me and began the path of excellent I set out for myself, for this I will be forever appreciative.Destiny Bates,New York Institute of Technology.